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What is yoga therapy?

 Yoga therapy in its present form is a new discipline, created by the marriage of traditional yoga with modern medicine. By tailoring yoga practices to individual needs, whilst taking medical considerations into account.

Yoga therapy is applicable to a great variety of conditions, including anxiety, back pain, arthritis, hypertension, heart conditions, hyperventilation, asthma, digestive problems, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome (ME), fibromyalgia, RSI, migraine, insomnia, anxiety, depression and stress.

Yoga therapy can also promote positive health for pregnancy and childbirth, mothers and babies, children, reproductive health in women and men, and the elderly.

Yoga Therapy cultivates body/mind integration and a sense of harmony with life. It promotes the innate healing resources of the body, helping restore the proper functioning of the various bodily systems.

Medical research provides increasing evidence that yoga therapy is effective.