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Post Operative Care for Liposuction


At Creative Journey Healings, we specialize in a post operative recovery therapy that is extremely effective for our clients who have recently had liposuction.  We see our clients within days of their liposuction and begin the process of healing that is required for them to get back to their daily activities. After a series of treatments, clients report reduction of swelling, ease of movement and allows our clients to get out of their compression garments for good! 

After liposuction, there are two components that cause the swelling, the pocketing of fluid common on the flanks (sides of torso) and discomfort clients experience.  The first is the extensive damage to the superficial lymphatic system that results in the pooling and production of excess fluid in the healing process. The second, is a large volume of blood-tinged tumescent anesthetic solution remaining trapped under the skin may slow postoperative recovery.  Both of these factors require external treatment to aid in the reduction of fluid retention.

An area of expertise of Joyce Garcia, Lymphatic Drainage Therapist (LDT), is providing Lymphatic Drainage Treatment for clients seeking post operative care for Liposuction.  Joyce develops a specialized and individualized treatment plan for each client the includes lymphatic drainage treatments, herbal and homeopathic recommendations as well as activities and tools for clients to utilize at home in between treatments that will aid in and speed the recovery of their healing process.  Often clients come in within days of their liposuction surgery and are in an intense amount of pain, swelling and bruising. Treatments of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy will speed the recovery time from liposuction and will get clients back to their normal work and personal routines.  

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This is a new method for post-liposuction care. It provides improved patient comfort, shortens the healing time, and decreases the number of postoperative visits to the surgeon.  Electro Lymphatic Drainage is a modern technique that greatly reduces the degree of pain, swelling, bruising and convalescence time. The XP2 is the tool Joyce uses in applications related to moving lymph and the detoxification or clearing of tissue as it relates to the lymphatic system. It incorporates light (photonic) and sound (harmonics) with noble gas ionization into a therapeutic system of outstanding effectiveness and versatility.

Traditional After-Liposuction Care Methods 
Traditional After-Liposuction Care Methods rely on 1) the closure of incisions with sutures and 2) the prolonged use of high compression elastic garments for two weeks or more. Most liposuction surgeons would agree that these traditional methods of caring for patients after liposuction leave much room for improvement. The common undesirable characteristics of the healing phase after liposuction include protracted swelling, bruising, tenderness, as well as time-consuming post-operative follow-up visits with the surgeon.

Minimizing Swelling, Bruising, & Tenderness
Swelling, bruising, tenderness are the result of 1) persistent blood-tinged tumescent anesthetic solution trapped under the skin after liposuction, and 2) injury to subcutaneous lymphatic capillaries caused by the liposuction procedure. Lymphatic capillaries are small vessels that drain fluid away from injured body tissues. Temporary injury to lymphatic capillaries as a result of liposuction cannot be avoided. However the persistence of blood-tinged tumescent solution trapped under the skin can be prevented. Older techniques for post-liposuction care do not facilitate rapid drainage of this blood-tinged anesthetic solution. The newer technique known as "open drainage" diminishes the swelling and speeds recovery after tumescent liposuction.

Swelling occurs after liposuction during the healing process. There will always be some swelling after surgery, but taking the right steps will greatly reduce the amount of swelling and discomfort you will have.


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